Demian Linn
As the former Reviews Editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly and Executive Producer of the 1UP Show, Demian has many years of game evaluation and review experience, and he has performed consulting work for a number of major publishers. In addition to EGM and, his work has appeared in the Official PlayStation Magazine, Xbox Nation,, CNET’s, The Detroit Free Press, Complex magazine, FHM, Smart Business, and What Car? magazine. He is currently the Co-founder of video game editorial and community website
Metacritic Variance: 3.66 pts. and skews low.
Joe Rybicki
Joe Rybicki is a freelance writer, musician, and geek living near Cleveland, Ohio. He’s been writing about videogames professionally since 1996, and spent nearly a decade at The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine before becoming a rogue agent. He currently writes about videogames and technology for anyone who will have him, and spouts off occasionally about unrelated matters at Joe Rybicki Dot Com (
Metacritic Variance: 4.6 pts.
Scot Rubin
Owner of All Games Productions     
Past Work: VP of Program Development and Editoral at G4TV.
Throughout Scot’s professional career he has created over 1,000 hours of television, radio, and interactive content about electronic entertainment. As a consultant for Comcast and co-founder and Vice President of G4 Media, Scot helped bring the world of video games to television in 2002.  Before G4, Scot founded All Games Network (AGN).  At AGN Scot served as VP of Games and Sports programming and was responsible for a joint venture with the NFL. Scot has experience developing content, product integration and interactive campaigns with major brands, including: The NFL, XM Radio, EA Sports, Mountain Dew, Creative Labs, Software Etc, XFX, Motorola, C-Net, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Direct TV and MTV. 
Kat Bailey
"Kat Bailey was an Associate Editor with GamePro in charge of previews, as well as the host of popular RPG-focused podcasts including 1UP’s Active Time Babble and GamePro’s RolePlayers’ Realm. Her work has appeared on 1UP, GamePro, EGM, Wired, GamesRadar, G4, GameSpot, GameSpy, and Official Xbox Magazine. She currently maintains a weekly RPG-focused column on Joystiq in addition to regular freelancing."
Kristan Reed
As the former editor of Computer Trade Weekly (99-02) and (02-08), Kristan is the most prolific and experienced videogame reviewer in Europe, with more than 1500 games evaluated across all platforms over that period. In recent years, he has consulted extensively on major projects for numerous publishers and developers (including Electronic Arts, THQ, Ubisoft, Namco Bandai, Warner, Disney, Codemasters, Atari, Sega and UTV). His  current published work appears in a number of publications, including Eurogamer, IGN UK, MSN UK and MCV.  Gun is honored to add him to their roster.
Metacritic Variance: 2.2 pts.
Billy Berghammer
With having 15 years of experience, Billy Berghammer has worn many hats in videogame editorial including Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly/EGMi, Editorial Director: Gaming for G4TV, Managing Editor of Game Informer Online, and the founder of Planet GameCube. His works can also be found at 1UP, Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and more.
Metacritic Variance: 4.3 pts.
Paul Semel
Paul Semel has been writing about games for both enthusiast and mainstream outlets since 1994. He has overseen the gaming sections in such magazines as FHM, Complex, Bikini, Mixer, Tongue, Geek, and Big Shot, served as the Entertainment Editor for Incite Video Gaming, Incite PC Gaming, and, and was the Previews Editor and then the Staff Writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly. He has also written about games for such publications as Official PlayStation Magazine, Maxim,, Premiere, GMR, Complex, and TV Guide, and currently contributes to Electronic Gaming Monthly, Rides,,, and Rides.
Metacritic Variance: 4.62 and skews high.
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott is a freelance writer based out of Sunnyvale, CA. He began his career in 2003 as an editorial intern at Ziff Davis Media, where he spent the better part of nearly six years as the reviews editor of Computer Gaming World, and later the executive editor of all reviews content for Electronic Gaming Monthly and Ryan moved on to in early 2009, and spent two years overseeing the site’s day-to-day editorial operations. During all those years, he wrote and edited a whole lot of game reviews. Lately, when he’s not producing gaming and comedy podcasts over at, he spends his time writing for publications such as @GAMER Magazine, Joystiq, and GamePro.
Metacritic Variance: 5.8 and skews low.
Nate Ahearn
Since the age of 17, Nate has been thoroughly entrenched in the world of video games. Over the last 8 years he has worked in close collaboration with virtually every big-name publisher including Electronic Arts, Activision, 2K Games, 2K Sports, SEGA, Microsoft, Sony and more. He has appeared on Fox Business Network, IGN’s Daily Fix, Lex and Terry’s Morning Radio Show, in USA Today, the Associated Press, and the Detroit Free Press to name just a few. He prides himself on his breadth of knowledge and expertise in different game genres which span from sports titles (he’s the former Sports Editor) to first-person shooters (he reviewed Call of Duty: Black Ops for the world’s largest Internet gaming publication) and just about everything in between.
Metacritic Variance: 3.0 pts.
Matt Chandronait
Matt Chandronait is cofounder of AREA 5, a video production company specializing in services for the video game industry. AREA 5 has done work for EA, Microsoft, and several small publishers and developers as well as editorial video for and EGM. He’s also currently one of the hosts for the popular RebelFM podcast. Matt’s been in the industry since ‘95 where he first started as a graphic designer for Interplay. He’s worked as a designer for both GameSpy and IGN where he also wrote the occasional article. At he was Producer of The 1UP Show, was a regular on many podcasts and his written work appeared in both EGM and on
AREA 5’s most recent project is the world’s first videogame magazine designed specifically for the iPad: Atomix. Launched simultaneously in Spanish and English, Matt is EIC of English Atomix where he writes much of the content, edits video, and, of course, appears as talent.
Rus McLaughlin
Rus McLaughlin is a professional writer with nearly two decades of experience, largely in entertainment, technology, and gaming venues. He has consulted for investment groups on market trends and spent four years as a top features and editorial writer for IGN. His freelance clients include Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Electronic Gaming Monthly, TotalPlaystation and Shutterfly. He is currently on staff at Bitmob.
Metacritic Variance: 3.0 pts.